Friday, June 29, 2007

2 Weeks --Oops-- YEARS

I'm sitting here in a little bar on the beach getting ready to eat my dollar tacos and finally relax after a grueling 2 weeks workshop, which I(along with co-harts) found out will actually commit us to 2 years of our lives. An instance of stakeholders not being involved from the beginning.

They informed us one week into the study we would recieve NO compensation for anything, because it was voluntary. As a few, know this was NOT voluntary!! The system is now trying to back-peddle and find a way to compensate us for our time. I'm not reassured that this will happen knowing the economy here, but at least they are trying.

It has been nice getting to know the new team that I will work with next year and meeting other teachers. But beyond that, I really did NOT need a basic Education 101 course. If we hired education majors and those with education related degrees, we would not need to go back to the basics. It also would have been nice if the system had given us a real choice as to our involvement or not.

Oh well, the sand, the beautiful water, the lagoon, and the dollar tacos are calling! More installments of this saga another day!

Bye, All

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