Monday, July 2, 2007

Banking in Saipan or US?

Have you ever tried to cash a check from the mainland on Saipan? I have, and it is the biggest hassel! My father passed away back in Febuary. But, in June a check came from the mainland. The bank thought they could hold the check for 16 days, but I had to remind them that the(not so new) federal law states that they can NO longer hold checks traveling within the mainland. This is a US bank, even though it is overseas!

My teller (whom shall remain nameless) did not know about the federal law. But, after going to the boss, this person found out about it, and through the boss they still put a hold on the check. I stated I could understand a few days because of the time difference, but I wanted my money very soon!!

I had to go back three times within two weeks. Finally, two weeks and on one day later, and with the threat of bringing back a lawyer, they finally released the funds. It seems discriminatory when locals can cash checks that aren't even their funds and something that is mine I cannot cash and use! I hope that the banks here will take a look at their policies and decide to come into the 21st century and abide by the law.

Thanks for listening!

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