Friday, July 6, 2007

The prices of things just keep going up around here! I know fuel is high! I know that therefore the electric bill is high! But, If there is a dispute with CUC(Commonwealth Utilities Corporation) then why does a customer have to demand a dispute form or threaten to bring a lawyer to get a dispute form?

This happened to me this week! Because I was advised, I knew to demand a dispute form, because without one, several things happen:

1) They look better if audited by the mainland, because nothing is on file!
2) They do NOT take you seriously!

Well, they did take me seriously this week! I put into writing that they did not have a dispute form for me to fill out. I also asked for them to put into writing that they did not have a form. Several phone calls later, the Assistant Director showed up and 1/2 hour later a form appeared. Supposedly, the printer had just given them to CUC within the last couple of days. He stayed and worked on my case for an hour, because of the rules and law that I was able to quote.

What happens to those who do NOT have such good advice or do not know where to go. For these reasons and others which I will not elaborate on, I feel it would be a good thing if CUC were bought out by a private organization. Maybe some of the practices would be changed and they would then comply with federal and international law!

Again, Thanks for listening!

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Rick Vaughn said...

Hi Angie,

Rick here, you probably remember me from Saipan Community Church a long time ago.... how are you these days? I am living and working in Korea as a teacher. How is Matthew? I remember driving him home from school back when I worked at SCS.... take care and good luck!

-Rick Vaughn
Cheonan, Korea